Yorspace Community-led Housing

Project management of £475,000 Community Share Issue and supporting strategy and delivery of new co-operatively owned homes in York

Yorspace was set up by local people as a direct response to the housing crisis in York. The first development, Lowfield Green, in the West of York, has full planning permission for 19 homes plus a community house. A first for York, there are plans for shared outdoor space and facilities as well as a car share scheme. The development supports one planet principles of living within the earth’s resources.

A Community Share Issue aims to raise £475,000 to complete the land purchase and fund early feasibility work for future developments. Lowfield Green is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, with further community developments in the pipeline. Client: Yorspace Community Land Trust & Community Benefit Society.

“Imelda’s passion and commitment to the project have been important in driving our work forward with positivity and energy. Imelda’s great strength lies in a combination of strategic ‘big picture’ thinking and a personable approach to leadership that is remarkably effective. She is a trusted and valued colleague and I would jump at the chance to collaborate with Imelda on future projects.” Jen Gibbard, Yorspace Board


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