MAP (Music & Arts Production) Charity Leeds

Providing business planning and fundraising advice to pioneering alternative provider in creative education working with young people

MAP (Music and Arts Production) is a Leeds- based Charity working with businesses and creative partners to offer education and support to young people at risk of exclusion from the mainstream school system. The charity is based in the historic Hope Foundry, under which they have developed a bold new vision and business plan. Through working with their community, local authority and investors, MAP has recently succeeded in raising the funds to purchase and refurbish the stunning building.

MAP plans to transform the former foundry, built in 1831, into a vital creative hub for Leeds, opening its doors to new facilities and spaces in 2020 to benefit the whole community. Client: Music and Arts Production Charity

“Imelda has been a formidable guide at a crucial time of our organisational development. Her support in business planning for our capital campaign has helped us deepen relationships with our funders and supporters, whilst holding our community at the heart of our vision”. Gaia Rosenberg Colorni, Development Project Manager

Find out more about MAP Charity’s bold vision in Leeds, and donate towards their cause here:
07920 107796